The Valencian socialists do not want to negotiate with PP and Vox the laws that these groups have presented in Les Corts on harmony, educational freedom, transparency, anti-fraud agency and À Punt. The PSPV wants this negotiation to be carried out on the texts that the Botànic approved during its two legislatures. The parliamentary spokesperson for the socialist group, José Muñoz, stressed today that changes can be introduced and negotiated, but on the basis of current texts.

For this reason, they have registered deletion amendments to each of the articles of the five laws presented by the new majority and of addition so that the text remains as the left approved during its mandate.

However, the socialists propose introducing some modifications not to the PP and Vox rules but to their own. Thus, for example, in matters of historical memory, they want the explanatory statement to make clear the condemnation of “the coup d’état perpetrated against democratic legality, the dictatorship and all acts against human rights.” An amendment that, when voted on, can generate tensions. In addition, they also want to introduce the nuance that this type of regulations are based on scientific historiography.

More changes are planned to be implemented in the À Punt law. The most significant is that in the future reform of the Statute of Autonomy, public media are included as statutory bodies.

Representative Mercedes Caballero has explained that her party is committed to the merger of the Society and the Corporation into a single body, to eliminate the third limit for personnel (which can only rise in the same proportion as chapter 1 of the budget of the Generalitat) or in the elimination of the public competition to elect the general director. This, however, would have to appear in Les Corts and be ratified by 3/5 of the commission.

Regarding the educational law, the fact of confronting two antagonistic models has made the PSPV focus on returning the text to the 2018 norm of multilingualism.