The plenary session of Congress has highlighted the discrepancies in foreign policy within the coalition government and the parliamentary partners through a motion from the Popular Party related to Morocco, Ukraine, Venezuela or Palestine.

The popular initiative has been approved, in most of its points – except for the one that called for knowledge of the negotiations between Spain, Gibraltar and the EU – with the support of the PSOE and against its parliamentary allies on a day in which The Executive has had to back down with the Land Law.

The plenary session of the Congress of Deputies has urged the Executive, with the sum of the PSOE and PP, to comply with the commitment to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP in 2030 or to send Patriot anti-missile defense systems and Leopard tanks to Ukraine .

Both parties have also supported the Government demanding, in all international forums in which it is present, the holding of free and fair elections in Venezuela, with the presence of international observers. A point that has been rejected by Sumar, ERC, Junts, Bildu, Podemos and BNG.

In this way, Sánchez’s parliamentary partners, including his government partner, have distanced themselves from the PSOE in a week in which the socialists have not been able to advance two notable laws; that of pimping and that of the Land.

Sumar has even joined his votes to the PP on the point that called for the recovery of Spain’s position regarding Western Sahara and that rejected the “unilateral” position adopted by the President of the Executive in March 2022.

The popular ones have managed to approve it by 216 votes in favor (PP, Vox, Sumar, ERC, Bildu, PNV, Podemos and BNG) compared to 120 against the PSOE and 7 abstentions from Junts.

On the other hand, the PP has also approved with Vox and Podemos to make public the calendar agreed with Morocco to establish the date of reopening of the commercial customs in Melilla and the opening of that of Ceuta.

It is at this point where the socialists have distanced themselves from the popular ones, as well as where they asked to condemn the violations committed against human rights, democracy and freedom in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which -however- Yes, it has moved forward with the support of the PP, Vox, PNV and UPN.

Furthermore, all deputies with the exception of Junts, Podemos and BNG, who abstained and Vox, which voted against, have supported reaffirming the position of Congress that called for a two-state solution in 2014, Israel and Palestine, with international consensus.