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At dawn, a ray of sun illuminated the snow-covered Puigmal mountain, it came out behind the mists and low clouds with the beautiful colors of the first moments of the day, giving light to part of the mountain, the clouds and the mists, as we see in Photos from La Vanguardia Readers.

Mount Puigmal, with an altitude of 2910 meters, is located between the municipalities of Queralbs, in the region of Ripoll├Ęs, and Err, which belongs to the French Upper Cerdanya.

However, I captured this image from Sant Bartomeu del Grau, in the region of Osona, with the perspective that distance gives us.

The snapshot also highlights that Puigmal continues to be snowy at this point in spring and with summer already beginning to appear soon.

That mountains like Puigmal remain snowy can be good news to continue fighting against drought when the thaw occurs.