An “unjustifiable decision.” This is how the regional parliamentarian of the PSOE of Almería, Mateo Hernández, has described the determination of the Andalusian Government to continue maintaining water restrictions in the Levante of Almería, something that the socialists consider to be “unfair” treatment for their neighbors and that It represents a “grievance” for the population with the rest of the territory.

For this reason, the socialists have sent a written request to the regional Executive to “rectify as soon as possible” given, as they explain, there is guaranteed water for human consumption thanks to the Carboneras desalination plant and another 16 cubic hectometers that they have in Murcia and that belong to Almería, the sum of what corresponds to it for the Tajo-Segura transfer and the Águilas desalination plant.

The fact that these limitations are maintained is the result of “incompetence and the inability to manage the resources that are available in Murcia and that belong to all the people of Almeria,” defends the parliamentarian, while emphasizing that “they will be lost if they are not taken.” “immediate measures so that they can be recovered and made available to the Levante of Almeria.”

The PSOE asks the Government of Juanma Moreno to “eliminate these limitations that have an impact on the users and companies whom the Andalusian PP is treating unfairly” and “rectify as soon as possible” and to “reverse these restrictions” .

In this sense, he explained that the water for human supply, that which reaches homes, companies and that used by municipalities “is completely covered by the Carboneras desalination plant” for the last ten years.

In addition to the 15 cubic hectometers annually that this infrastructure supplies to the Levante municipalities, the region has another 16 hectometers in Murcia that belong to Almería, which is the sum of what it owes to it from the Tajo-Segura transfer and the desalination plant. Águilas, but that “they are not made available to the residents and companies of Levante because the PP government team in the Provincial Council of Almería, which manages the public company Galasa, has not requested them.”

The limitations approved “weeks ago” for the Levante of Almeria affect daily consumption estimated at 200 liters per person which, “if exceeded, could have a surcharge for users.”

Furthermore, as he recalled, “the filling of private swimming pools, both conventional and removable or inflatable, the washing of streets, sidewalks, the cleaning of cars outside the authorized areas and limits the irrigation of green areas are prohibited.” These are measures, all of them, that are maintained in the Levante of Almeria, but that “have recently been relaxed in other regions, according to the agreements adopted by the Drought Commission.”

”Almería does not deserve this treatment. Almería deserves a Government in Andalusia that works for this land instead of subjecting it to these unjustified restrictions,” defended Hernández, who announced that the Socialist Parliamentary Group will ask the counselor about these measures in the Agriculture Commission.

The water restrictions approved by the Board in the Levante of Almería is another example, according to Hernández, of the “disastrous management of the PP” in this region in water matters.

In this regard, he highlighted that this party has been “for seven years without moving a single piece of paper to put an end to the leaks in the networks of the Galasa public company” of the Provincial Council, which “loses more than half of the water it supplies per its pipelines”, which represents an annual sum of eight cubic hectometres.

Furthermore, and very recently, the PP in the Provincial Council has increased the water supply to more than 60,000 families and 3,500 companies in Levante and Almanzora, which will mean an average increase of 80 euros more per year; a measure that had the negative vote of the PSOE.