It is neither official nor is it included in the catalog of traffic signs that the DGT plans to update this year. However, the ingenious poster handwritten by a neighbor from Carreña (Asturias) may have more effect than some of the approved road signs that are installed on the national road network.

“Drive slowly. There are no more neighbors” is the ironic message that Fidela Díaz Herrero sends to motorists to slow down when driving through the town. The woman uses humor to raise awareness about two problems: speeding and the depopulation that the capital of the Council of Cabrales is experiencing.

The data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) indicate that in 2002 there were 464 registered inhabitants, while two decades later, the census was reduced to 369, which represents a decrease of 20.5%.

According to the newspaper El Comercio, Fidela Díaz was fed up with the fact that the high speed at which vehicles move along María Cristina street put road safety at risk. Something that was being aggravated by an increase in the influx of cars that, mistakenly guided by GPS, circulated there to reach Asiegu, elected Exemplary Town of Asturias in 2019.

Seeing the danger that this could pose, especially for the children of the town, this neighbor transformed the lid of a container into an imaginative homemade traffic signal that, without being legal, has had an effect, since the inhabitants have detected drivers slowing down. . This reduces the risk of being run over.

The sign is attached to a post with a wire under another signal – it is indeed approved – that prohibits the movement of vehicles whose loaded mass exceeds 10 tons. Although it was placed months ago, it has now gone viral after the Asturian journalist and writer Inaciu Galán shared a snapshot of it on his social networks. Surely, as long as no one removes it, it will be the typical souvenir photo taken by those who pass through that point in Carreña.