The Secretary of Administration and Finance of the CCOO in the Balearic Islands has had to resign after the organization has detected irregularities and unjustified movements in the entity’s accounts. Marga Vicens, who has been in the union executive for years, has presented her resignation this week after a union delegation informed her of the detection of these accounting imbalances.

CCOO sources in the Balearic Islands confirm that unjustified payments were detected a long time ago, for which reason those responsible for the union on the islands began to collect information. All this file was sent to the CCOO national address in Madrid, which finally sent a delegation to Mallorca in order to analyze the facts.

The meeting was held this Monday and, as a result of the evidence, the former head of finance announced that she was resigning. The leadership of the syndicate in the archipelago assures that it will now study in detail all the elements in its possession before making a decision, but at this time all possibilities are open.

CCOO insists, in any case, that until it has absolute control of how far the accounting and income and payment teams go, it will not decide anything. The sources consulted have for now avoided saying the amount of money diverted with these payments that do not have “support”, according to one of the union sources.