The Government has approved on Tuesday the 2,000-hour Intermediate Vocational Training title for Security Technicians, whose main competence consists of carrying out the surveillance and protection of goods and people in public and private spaces, both in urban and commercial environments. natural.

The new title is linked to occupations such as security guards, escorts or rural guards and their specialties and others associated with public safety.

With this initiative, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training also aims to improve the quality of training for local and regional police professionals, offering VET studies for these jobs for the first time.

Each local and/or regional administration will be responsible for incorporating this training to access these bodies. It is a request that is highly demanded by city councils and autonomous communities, as explained in a note by the ministry of Pilar Alegría.

In addition, the Council of Ministers has given the green light to three professional certificates from the Mechanical Manufacturing family.

The new professional certificates that today are added to the FP catalog are Arc Welding under Protective Gas with Consumable Electrode, “MIG/MAG” Welding, Arc Welding under Protective Gas with non-consumable electrode, “TIG” Welding, and Arc Welding with Coated Electrode.

These are very specific training courses, whose job profiles are highly demanded in the market, with a key role in areas related to the industrial sector such as energy production, the automotive industry or the design of new industrial products, among others.

The professional certificates constitute the grade C offer, described in the Vocational Training Law, which accredit certain skills for the development of a work activity. There are already a total of 588 professional certificates.