The bookmakers have forgotten the favoritism of France, current champion, in the World Cup that begins in Qatar on Sunday. The team that has the most options according to these algorithms is Brazil, five-time champion, ahead of Argentina. Both teams have been favored by their positions within the FIFA ranking, first and third respectively.

The two South American teams appear ahead of France, current champion. Thus, 4 euros are paid for each bet on the final victory of Brazil both at William Hill, Bet365 and at Ladbrokes. For its part, Argentina is paid 5 euros for every euro invested. After the two favorites appears France, the third in contention for all bookmakers. Subsequently, England and Spain are next in the group of top favorites for all bookmakers. They all agree on which are the five teams that must opt ​​for victory.

As for the World Cup scorers, the bookmakers have Harry Kane as the leading exponent of the goal in Qatar followed by Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema. Then Neymar and Messi appear. Only in the case of Ladbrokes does Cristiano Ronaldo appear even ahead of the Argentine player from PSG.

The bookmakers have also established which teams are most likely to reach the final and lose it. In this case, the greatest favorite to play the last game and not win it is England: the second place of the British team multiplies the investment by 7. France follows, paying 7.50. Brazil is third (pays 8) and Argentina fourth (pays 9.50). The second place in Spain pays 10 euros for the bet.

The bets practically take it for granted that Spain will reach the quarterfinals: the possibility of the Selection being among the eight best in the tournament pays 1.65. Brazil also tops this list: it pays 1.45. It is followed by England and France, with 1.50 and Argentina with 1.65.