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This photograph in Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia exemplifies the contrasts offered by the region of La Garrotxa and, especially, Vall d’en Bas, with Puigsacalm and Santa Magdalena in the background.

The dramatic sky tells us that La Garrotxa is a land of contrasts and a very green region where the rain always remembers us sooner or later.

Furrowed by a multitude of streams and streams that pour their waters into the Fluvi√† River, the Vall d’en Bas has one of the most fertile soils in all of Catalonia.

The Vall d’en Bas also has a rich historical heritage. Sant Miquel de Castell√≥, for example, is a hermitage located on a buttress of the Serrat de Sant Miquel within the Sierra de Llancers, in the last ridges of the northeast of Collsacabra.

The Vall d’en Bas is surrounded by mountain ranges and rugged ridges such as those of Cabrera dels Llancers, Freixaneda or Puigsacalm, as well as meadows and forests of beech, holm and oak trees.

The Puigsacalm is a mountain of 1514 meters of altitude. It is the highest point of the Cordillera Transversal. At its top there is a geodesic vertex. This mountain is within the domains of the municipality of Vall d’en Bas.