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Today I would like to show in La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos some images taken between Vallès and Osona, since clouds do not understand geographical boundaries.

In these photographs we can see a huge, white cumulonimbus. A large cloud that began to form at midday between the region of Vallès Oriental and La Selva, between the province of Barcelona and Girona.

As I have been able to verify, this cloud has been visible both from the Vallès region and from Osona. These are cumulonimbus clouds that, of greater or lesser size, are becoming a tradition to be found day in and day out.

Cumulonimbus or cumulonimbus clouds are highly vertically developed clouds, internally formed by a column of warm, humid air that rises in the form of a rotating spiral.

Its base is usually less than 2 km high while the summit can reach 15 to 20 km high.