Hiring Internet in a mobile home has a starting price of 20 euros per month, which is what the Lowi package costs with 600 Mb of fiber and 15 GB on the mobile line. They are followed in May by the combinations of 300 Mb 10 GB from Finetwork (24.9 euros) and 300 Mb 50 GB from Excom (27 euros).

The list of the cheapest mobile home Internet rates, which is completed with offers of up to 38.90 euros per month, comes from data from the Kelisto.es comparator, which compiles information on packages from more than 20 operators. For the comparison, the 10 cheapest have been selected within the comparator, leaving us with the option that costs the least from each operator, according to the total annual cost – therefore, taking into account promotions during the first months – and leaving us only with: Rates with national coverage, with at least 100 Mb of fiber and 10 GB for mobile.

Lowi takes a leap over its competitors with an unbeatable price in the market: it sets a fee of only 20 euros for a 600 Mb fiber rate – none of the plans on the list exceed it – and 15 GB plus unlimited calls. The package does not include a landline telephone and is linked to a 12-month stay.

With this cost, Lowi, a subsidiary of Vodafone and which shares its fiber and mobile connection with 4G and 5G, ties the cheap price with the Digi plan of 500 Mb 15 GB – out of our list because it cannot be contracted from the comparator by Kelisto-. Digi’s plan, however, is only available for homes served by the company’s own network – with a much lower range than Lowi’s – and where it does not have to use Movistar’s.

With Finetwork you will pay 4.9 euros more, you will continue to have Vodafone coverage -although without 5G- and the characteristics of the rate are reduced – from 600 to 300 Mb and from 15 to 10 GB-; but the permanence is also shortened, from one year to three months. You can complete your package with a free annual subscription to Amazon Prime, but by accepting this gift the minimum contract period is extended until it expires, returning to 12 months.

Excom’s in third position is the most complete of the top 5 rates in terms of the bonus for browsing from your mobile, which is 50 GB. In addition, in the voice section you will also have a landline phone line with unlimited minutes to talk to other landlines and one hour to call national mobile phones.

With this rate, it must be taken into account that a discount is applied to the initial price, and that after one year, exactly the duration of the minimum contract commitment, it rises to 34.89 euros. Thanks to the discount you can save 7.89 euros per month, 94.68 in total.

Simyo lowers the fiber speed to 100 Mb, but in exchange it provides more data than Lowi and Finetwork and recovers the three-month permanence that the latter offers. In addition, for three euros more (rising from 28.99 to 31.99 euros), you can contract 300 Mb fiber. With this rate from the low-cost company Orange there is no landline included, the price is fixed from the first installment and you will have a 5G connection.

The analysis ends with O2’s 300 Mb 10 GB rate, which has a more basic data bonus, tying with that of Finetwork, but offers a unique advantage among the top positions on the list: it is free of permanence. The price of 30 euros does not have any increases nor are there additional costs for installation. In addition, you will have a free landline phone line with unlimited calls to make to other landlines and mobile phones. As it belongs to Telefónica, it uses Movistar coverage, including access to its 5G network.

The price is decisive when choosing any home service, but choosing only the cheapest without paying attention to the characteristics of the rate can end up costing you a lot, either because your experience is affected or because you end up paying extra for many months. promptly improve the service. The rates in our ranking are more than enough to cover the Internet connection at home and from the mobile phone for an average household, but to clear up any doubts, in these five points we review everything you should take into account before hiring:

Contracting several telecommunications services together with the same operator is cheaper, and more convenient, than doing it separately. If we take the 10 operators that appear on our list as an example, the difference between signing up for their most basic home Internet rates with and without a mobile line included is only 5.98 euros per month, and in some cases it is It is even cheaper to have both services: with Lowi, hiring only fiber costs a minimum of 24.95 euros, while its simplest convergent has a cost of only 20 euros.

In reality, 100 or 300 Mbps (megabits per second), which are what the most basic fiber optic rates will offer you, are enough to cover the connection of a home, but if you are going to connect a good number of devices to the Wifi network at the same time, you stream, you play online and you think you can get more out of it, you see that even in our top you have rates with 600 Mb and there are also those for 1,000 Mb (normally they are sold as 1 Gb) and, and more exceptionally, up to 10,000 Mb (10 Gb).

The data bonus is renewed every month, so if you contract a number of gigabytes much higher than what you are going to spend, you will end up paying for a service that partly goes to waste. Yes, some companies compensate for the loss by keeping your leftovers for another month or even three, but if you never spend them, they will end up being thrown away anyway. In addition, it is very easy to check how much we spend per month: you just have to go to your phone’s settings and check the consumption.

On the other hand, it is not worth it if you fall short and end up browsing very slowly every month – the normal thing is that they do not charge you for the excess GB, but the speed is greatly reduced – or taking out bonuses that increase the amount. final price of your invoice.

Of course, a discount on the fee is always welcome, but none last forever and telecommunications rates must be paid every month. To assess whether the discount is worth it, you must first review the time it will take to stop applying it and if it ends before the permanence period – otherwise, you will have to continue paying the fee without a discount.

On the other hand, there are other aspects that you will have to review in your contract: if the fee is fixed or will be reviewed periodically with possible increases, if there are free services that are charged after a few months or if you will have to pay any extra for the installation. of service or discharge.

In relation to the previous point is the feared permanence, which forces us to maintain the mobile home Internet rate contract for a minimum time. The normal thing is that a mobile plan does not require any commitment, but when we contract fiber and the installation, with its expenses, is included for free, we will almost always find ourselves with a minimum of a few months – if you see our list, there are rates that require three and others 12-.

The maximum they can ask us for is 24 months, and you must keep in mind that if you are paying for a device in installments you will have to finish paying it, and that you will have to return the router to prevent it from becoming an additional expense.