If you still don’t know the Ikea Special Prices section, you should keep an eye on it and look from time to time, because offers that are really worth it appear. We bought the one we bought today from the outlet and it is worth it because we save 100 euros on a piece of furniture that is necessary in every house, the bed frame. Specifically, we are talking about the KVITSÖY upholstered sofa, the best-selling of the Swedish brand.

Canapés are a perfect resource for small apartments. If you have a room that fits the bed and little else, with the sofa you will get extra storage that will surely save you from more than one trouble. Where do I put the sheets? And where do I keep the duvet in summer? If you have a couch, you have this solved. But it can also be good for you if you have a larger bedroom, it is also an option to make the most of all the space.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we like to stay up to date with promotions and offers from brands that we know you like. We detect those products that we know are a necessity and we “warn” you that it is the right time to purchase them. This is the case of this Ikea sofa, which will solve more than one space problem in your home, for sure.

The Ikea KVITSÖY white upholstered bed trundle is available in 4 sizes: 135 x 190 cm, 140×200 cm, 150×190 cm and 160×200 cm. All of them have a 100 euro discount right now, a considerable amount. The smallest one is 299 euros and the largest is 349 euros. Under the mattress you can store everything you need and it is very easy to open. In the central part it has a handle to raise and lower it.

The fact that it is white makes it very easy for you to integrate it perfectly with the decorative set of your home, both in the same bedroom where you will put it, as well as the rest of the furniture in the house.

It is the best seller on the Spanish Ikea website and on the product page you can see how users who have bought it rate it with a 4.2. In most cases they ensure that it meets their expectations. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing the structure of your bed or you have just bought an apartment and are furnishing it, take advantage of this discount.