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Walking through Granollers, in the Vallès Oriental, I was able to capture this beautiful image of a fishmonger like the old ones for The Readers’ Photos of La Vanguardia. 

The artistic geometry of salted fishing enters the eyes, catches us, invites us to admire it and, later, taste it, revealing this work of art of the presentation of the fish.

Saltwater fish is richer in iodine and chlorine. Examples are anchovy, tuna, cod, sea bream, bonito, swordfish, monkfish, turbot, mullet or sardine.

Herring is a classic of salt fishing. In fact, it has been a staple food since at least the third millennium BC. C. Those caught in the waters of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean are forage fish.

In Spain, herring is a pickle made with sardines and salt, in wooden barrels. There are numerous ways to serve it in many regional recipes: raw, fermented, pickled or cured in other ways.