Past history contemplating present and future history. The Barcelona Open Banc Sadabell-Trofeo Conde de Godó celebrates a most special edition in 2023, its 70th anniversary, and the parade ground of Montjuïc Castle has become a unique setting for its official presentation. The union between the tournament and the city of Barcelona has been represented in a venue with more than three centuries of history, chosen with care for such a special birthday.

“It is impressive to review the history of the tournament and I would like to highlight the figure of my father, the creator of everything we are experiencing today”, Javier Godó, Count of Godó, proudly highlighted, referring to Carlos Godó. “I have not been a champion of anything but sport has served me a lot in my life,” he added with a touch of humor.

The coming-out of the Godó Trophy brought together authorities and “friends” of the tournament in the castle’s imposing parade ground. “It is a special pleasure to welcome everyone to the peak of Montjuïc, a place that represents the close link between Barcelona and the world of sport”, proclaimed Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​with a smile. “The creation of the Godó was the demonstration of the will of the city to be at the forefront. Seven decades later, the trophy is consolidated as one of the great clay court events in the world and is the pride of all Barcelonans ”, she added.

Although the final poster of the tournament will not be revealed until the end of the month, its director, David Ferrer, confirmed the presence of Carlos Alcaraz, current champion, and Rafa Nadal, the “banner” of Godó. In addition, Feliciano López, the tennis player who has played the tournament the most times, will hang up his racket in this year’s edition. “Joining Carlos Alcaraz and Rafa Nadal in this year’s edition makes me very excited. We will have more top ten players but I still cannot reveal them”, Ferrer explained.

The 70th anniversary of Godó will be a historic edition for many reasons. For now, it will be a year with record income, since at this point the increase is already 45% and in terms of ticket sales, it is 60% higher than last year, as confirmed by Xavier Pujol, the director tournament executive. “We are excited,” he remarked. We are going to continue investing in the modernization of the tournament and in the experience both inside the venue and throughout the city”.

This edition of the Godó Trophy will continue through two fundamental vectors: sustainability and solidarity. Two bets that this year will multiply. A circular economy plan has been launched for the use of gray and fluvial water, which will improve efficiency by 40%. In addition, the involvement of the RCT Barcelona Foundation in promoting tennis and its values ​​in neighborhoods at risk of social exclusion will be intense.

Josep Oliu, president of Banc Sabadell, main sponsor of the tournament, did not miss the event. “It’s our big spring party, we always bring a very important flow of people to the tournament and I’m very satisfied that now there are other sponsors who also bring people to the tournament,” he commented. “I have been a member of the club for 62 years and Godó has always been the week we most looked forward to of the year to be able to see the players up close,” added Jordi Cambra, president of the RCT Barcelona-1899, before concluding the event.