The Association of Information Media (AMI) has recognized the work of the correspondents of the Spanish media who have covered the war in Ukraine for the “indispensable work” carried out on information.

The awards will be delivered on December 1 in the framework of its annual conference, Claves 2023, and according to the Association, the work carried out by journalists, even putting their lives at risk, has been “so that citizens can meet through his testimony the events that are sadly transforming the history of Europe”. The association’s Board of Directors is made up of the main Spanish publishers.

“This information affects the very condition of the human person, his ability to think and critical judgment and contributes to the creation of our collective conscience. Because the work of journalism is basic for society. Without information there is no freedom”, points out Irene Lanzaci, the general director of AMI.

In this way, the Information Media Association has rewarded the work of the 54 journalists who currently report or have reported on the ground since the start of the war in Ukraine, on February 24.

From La Vanguardia, Félix Flores Plácid García-Planas, María Paz López, Joaquín Luna, Xavier Mas de Xaxás and Gemma Saura have been awarded. From the Vocento group to Mikel Ayestarán, Mónica García Prieto, Álvaro Ybarra Zavala, Matías Nieto Koenig and Laura López Caro.

Also to Ricardo Mir from Francia and Marc Marginedas, from Prensa Ibérica. To the journalists of Prisa Media Luis de Vega, Luis Doncel, Óscar Gutiérrez, María Sahuquillo, Cristian Segura, Luis Jacobo García García, Antonio Pita, Francisco Javier González Cuesta, Raúl Sánchez Costa, Saúl Bernardo Ruiz, Albert García Massimiliano Minocri, Alex Onciu , Samuel Sánchez and Jaime Villanueva.

Unidad Editorial has recognized the work of Javier Espinosa Robles Alberto Rojas Blanco. In addition to Alfonso Masoliver, from La Razón; to Pablo Medina from La Voz de Galicia; to Gervasio Sánchez de Heraldo de Aragon; to Marcos Méndez Moreira from El Progreso de Lugo and to Cristina Mas and Mònica Bernabé from the Ara newspaper.

And finally from the Efe Agency, the awardees are: Fernando Salcines, Iñaki Ortega, Manuel Bruque Jiménez, Sara Gómez Armas, Xavi Fernández García, Claudia Sacrest Martos, María Traspaderne Navarro, Enrique del Viso Arranz, Carles Grau Sivera, Miguel Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, Lourdes Velasco Pla, Guillermo Esteban Estrada Biba, Luis Ángel Reglero, Luis Lidón, Orlando Barria, Borja Sánchez Trillo, Manuel Lorenzo and Rostyslav Averchuk.

The Association of Information Media (AMI) represents and acts as interlocutors of the Spanish information media before national and international institutions and media associations in the world. Currently, it joins more than 80 national and regional, general and sports information media, which carry out daily research, coverage and dissemination of current national and international news in Spain in digital and on paper.