British fashion designer, dressmaker and milliner Angela Kelly, who worked since 1993 as a personal assistant, dressmaker and right-hand woman to the late Elizabeth II, has been rehoused this week by Charles III. The monarch has granted him the usufruct of a property near Sheffield in exchange for him not revealing anything about the years he spent as the queen’s confidante.

It was last Tuesday when Kelly, 65, permanently left her residence near Windsor Castle because she has not been part of the staff for months. Shortly after the monarch’s death, the locks on the royal apartments were changed, Kelly’s work phone was disconnected and she was asked to leave the house she was occupying in a move that was described by palace sources as a “procedure standard”.

But to honor his mother’s memory and, incidentally, silence one of the most interesting sources on the bickering that has surrounded the Windsors for the past two decades, Charles III has provided Kelly with a lifetime residence at Peak. District, a remote nature park, situated in the English countryside.

In order for her to be granted such a right as a reward for her years of faithful service, the British media assure that the former royal worker has been forced to sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal more experiences with Elizabeth II. In addition, she may not commercially use the words “palace” or “royal” for possible future business.

To understand the level of intimacy that Kelly and the former Queen of England maintained, it is said that the assistant, apart from dressing her, combing her hair and advising her, put on the monarch’s new shoes beforehand to soften them.

Their relationship was so close that, in an unprecedented gesture, the Queen gave Kelly permission to write a series of books about their relationship. At the moment two have been published, but it is unknown if the third will see the light after the new agreement with Carlos III.

The designer is quite active on Instagram, where she has been proud of various outfits she made for the monarch. On the day of her funeral, he shared an image of her attendance along with her message: “A very sad day for me today. I said goodbye to my best friend.” And she has also reported her move on the social network. Along with a picture of her garden in Windsor, Kelly wrote the day before yesterday: “Getting ready to say goodbye. I am finally moving into my new home, which I will be able to call my home, at last”. In response to one of the comments from another netizen, the queen’s former adviser, who will now retire, has commented that her move to this new residence will make her closer to her family, who currently lives in Sheffield.

Liverpool-born Mary Angela Kelly, the daughter of a dockworker and a nurse, went to work for the queen after an interview at Windsor Castle two decades ago. She began by taking care of dressing Elizabeth II and over time was responsible for her clothing, jewelry and regalia. She was in charge of researching the places of royal visits, as well as the meaning of the different colors, in order to create and advise appropriate outfits for the monarch.

Among her various achievements and intramural services of the palace, it has been made public that Kelly is the author of the replica of Queen Victoria’s Christian dress, the one that all Windsors born after 2008 have used, because the previous one was kept for private purposes. of conservation. She was also in charge of the Queen’s costume at Prince William’s wedding and the remodeling of a historic Elizabeth II gown worn decades later by Princess Beatrice of York for her wedding.