After 157 participations in Pasapalabra, Óscar Díaz completed the Rosco on Wednesday and took home the third largest jackpot in the current stage of the contest on Antena 3: 1,816,000 euros. After a practically sleepless night thinking about everything that happened now that it was already public after three weeks of silence, this morning he spoke to the media.

And the first question was obligatory: what do you plan to spend the pot on? “The first thing is to get rid of the monthly mortgage expense; The second is to leave it there without moving it too much because life is strange and a lot of things happen; and then, on a whim, there is a trip that I am very excited about because I like the history of the United States in the second half of the 19th century and I would like to spend a month in Washington going to the Smithsonian and other museums, to the Library of Congress…” .

An English translator and press officer for professional golf tournaments, Óscar assures that completing the rosco “was quite unexpected because I wasn’t very sure that I was going to hear Roberto’s ‘yes’ when he gave the last answer,” when he said “Fahrenkamp.” in the letter ‘F’ in response to “Surname of the architect who designed the villa Wenhold in the German city of Bremen.”

A veteran of television contests (he has also participated in Saber y Ganar and ¡Boom! as part of Los Dispersos), he defines this activity as “a nice hobby because it is linked to culture.” He already loved contests before participating in them, economic considerations aside, “although participating from home eating the soup is not the same as seeing yourself on the set covered in flour,” he admits.

And how have you trained to participate in these contests? “The dedication of time depends a little on life. There have been weeks in which I have been able to dedicate 10 to 14 hours a day and others in which I have not been able to do anything because it has coincided with very intense work periods.” She remembers that when she started at Pasapalabra in September she was having one of those intense periods of work and was also leaving a move, “so she was still putting boxes.” Those first days he set his goal as “survive and endure” in the hope of devoting more time to it later. He has done well.

Now with the pot in his pocket, this 52-year-old from Madrid does not rule out appearing again in a contest for “special and specific occasions, such as in the case of Pasapalabra doing a special for former champions”, but not for long-term participation. trajectory because it is very difficult for him right now and, furthermore, “I don’t know if it is fair that, having won a big jackpot, he participates in other contests.”

Regarding the routine he has followed, he states that “the basic thing at the beginning is to see the Roscos that you can find on the Internet to create a kind of first database.” And then start studying, which he defines as a process that is “entertaining and fun because you learn and rediscover words and knowledge that you had long forgotten.”

During this time he has shared the screen with Moisés Laguardia, with whom he says he has had an easy coexistence and whom he does not want to describe “as a rival but as a partner, although later, obviously, each one in Rosco sought his interest.” With him she has shared many hours in the dressing rooms and in the downtime “and there I have discovered who Moisés really is, a person with a well-equipped and wonderful head.”

Óscar has known as the winner of the Rosco for three weeks, when the program was recorded. Since then he has had to remain silent. “I have felt a little guilty, especially with very close people like uncles, cousins, my goddaughter, friends… I have had to slam the lid a lot.” Only those closest to him, as his wife and his mother who were called on the day of the program, knew.

He says that he has had no problem in these three weeks assimilating having won the jackpot because he thinks that life with his wife “is not going to change substantially nor are we going to go crazy.” What he has really taken away from him has been sharing the final program on Wednesday with those close to him and receiving so much love. So much so that he confesses that he has not been able to sleep at all all night “thinking about everything I have experienced and because of the excitement that I have seen that my victory gave to people that I love very much.”