* The author is part of the community of readers of La Vanguardia

I have captured this series of photographs for La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos that offer a landscape perspective of Sant Llorenç del Munt seen from Terrassa.

The Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac is an extensive protected natural area. The landscape is a forest of oak, white pine, oak and hazel and bare rock.

In addition, it is pierced by more than 300 caves and peaks. Neolithic and medieval archaeological remains abound among farmhouses, vineyard huts, ice wells and fountains.

The main summits of Sant Llorenç del Munt are Montcau and La Mola, where the monastery of Sant Llorenç del Munt is located, at 1104 meters high. 

But, on this occasion, the prominence of the photographs is shared between the horizon delimited by the mountains of Sant Llorenç del Munt and a foreground dominated by the spring fields of Terrassa.