The incident in Poland has not been a reason on this occasion to strain (if it is possible to do so more) relations between Russia and the United States. On the contrary, Moscow said on Wednesday that Washington’s response has been “contained.”

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, assured that some countries have made “unsubstantiated statements” about the explosion that occurred in a grain warehouse in the Polish town of Przewodow, 6 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

“We have witnessed a hysterical and frenzied Russophobic reaction, which was not based on any real data. In fact, high-ranking representatives of different countries made statements without having an exact idea of ​​​​what had happened, what had happened.” caused,” Peskov said. “Once again, this reaction shows that one should never rush to make assessments that could escalate the situation.”

He also advised paying attention to the “contained” reaction of US President Joe Biden, which contrasted with the “hysterical” reaction of the Polish side.

He added another comparison: the explosions against the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines, in the Baltic Sea, which Moscow attributes to sabotage. “We would prefer to hear such an emotional, even emotionally overloaded reaction, for example, when sabotage was carried out on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Then there was no such reaction, and no one rushed to find out who organized this sabotage,” the representative said. of the Kremlin.

Peskov assured that Russia had nothing to do with the incident in Poland, which occurred while its armed forces were punishing Ukrainian energy infrastructure with missiles.

Both he and the Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the explosion, which killed two people, was caused by a Ukrainian S-300 air defense system.

The Ministry of Defense pointed out, for its part, that the impacts of its missiles never came closer than 35 kilometers from the Polish border.

“Specialists of the Russian Defense industry have identified without any doubt the photos published on the night of November 15 in Poland of the wreckage found in the village of Przewodow as elements of a guided anti-aircraft missile of an anti-aircraft defense system S -300 from the Ukrainian air force,” the ministry said in a statement.

Before the Russian reaction, Polish President Andrzej Duda said he had no proof of who fired the missile. And a NATO source told Reuters that US President Joe Bien had informed his G-7 and NATO partners that the source was a Ukrainian air defense missile.