The spokesperson for Más Madrid in the Madrid City Council was expelled from the ordinary plenary session this Tuesday after denouncing and reiterating that the members of Vox demonstrate alongside “Nazis”, all of this during the debate for the granting of the medals of honor and medals. of the city to different people and entities among which is the Jewish Community in Madrid.

The Plenary Session of the City Council was facing the debate on the awarding of the medals when Maestre from his seat pronounced the word “Nazis” supposedly referring to the Vox councilors. Previously, his Mas Madrid colleague Eduardo Fernández Rubiño had denounced the presence of Vox members in demonstrations in which Nazi insignia had been seen.

Maestre’s words generated the indignation of the vice mayor, Inma Sanz, and the PP councilor Borja Carabante, who alerted the president of the Plenary Session, Borja Fanjul, since due to the tone and distance they were the councilors who heard him.

At that moment, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, intervened from his seat and stated that Maestre had “repeatedly called the Vox councilors Nazis” and asked him to “rectify.” Given this, Maestre wanted to respond from his seat in a visibly disturbed atmosphere, but Fanjul indicated to both that they did not have the right to speak and called the mayor to order for the first time and then did the same with Maestre.

The Más Madrid spokesperson refused to stop speaking and assured that she had the “right to respond to the mayor”, however, Fanjul called her to order for the second time and warned that on the third time she would be expelled from the Plenary Session. Finally, upon the third call to order, the spokesperson was expelled and the councilors of Más Madrid left the plenary hall.


Shortly after, Maestre appeared in parallel with the development of the Plenary Session and reported that his statements were made in line with the speech of Rubiño, who stated that Ortega Smith demonstrated in Ferraz at a rally in which there were people carrying “swastikas.” “That is what Mr. Rubiño pointed out and that is what I later said, not in the intervention, but speaking,” said Maestre.

Likewise, he accused Fanjul of having a “double standard” and of allowing “the leaders of the Popular Party to insult, threaten and treat the councilors of Más Madrid and the left in general with disqualifications and contempt”, but to apply “firmly” the Regulation when it comes to councilors from the left or from Más Madrid”. In that regard, he described the expulsion as “unusual” and assured that Fanjul should be “removed from his duties.”


Vox’s spokesperson at City Hall, Javier Ortega Smith, also intervened minutes later and assured that the “extreme left” must assume its “responsibilities” and ask for “forgiveness” for “the more than 120 million deaths that communism has generated.” and the extreme left in the world”.

He added that they should also ask for “forgiveness” because “national socialism was a creation of the German socialists” just as fascism was a creation of the Italian socialists and therefore communism, like fascism, like national socialism, commonly known as the Nazis, are the fruit of the perverse ideology of the extreme left.


He continued referring to Más Madrid as “Hamás Madrid” combining the party’s name with that of the Palestinian terrorist group ‘Hamas’ and stating that both they and the PSOE should apologize to the people of Madrid for “belonging to and defending such a nefarious ideology against freedom.” and against the lives of all men and women on the planet.

Finally, he settled that he is neither “close” nor even “far” from “anything that has to do with Nazi ideologies”, but neither from the ideologies of the “extreme left.”

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