Reasi Terror Attack: Bus Accident Saves Lives of Pilgrims

Survivors of a recent terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district have shared their terrifying experiences. During the attack, a bus carrying over 40 pilgrims was targeted by terrorists, leading to a chaotic scene. Fortunately, the bus fell into a ditch, preventing further casualties.

One survivor, Pradeep Kumar from Meerut, described the ordeal as a near-death experience. He recounted how the attackers, disguised in Army uniforms, opened fire on the bus, causing the driver to lose control. The bus ultimately got stuck between a rock and a tree, saving many lives in the process.

According to Kumar, the attackers continued firing until they believed everyone on the bus was dead. The incident occurred after the bus had left the Shivkhori temple and was slowly making its way on a hilly road. Many passengers were exhausted from their pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi, with some even asleep at the time of the attack.

Despite sustaining minor injuries, Kumar, along with his brother and nephew, managed to survive the harrowing ordeal. Passersby and authorities quickly responded to the incident, with the injured being taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The district magistrate of Meerut, Deepak Meena, reassured the public that the injured passengers are in stable condition and that efforts are being made to bring them back home safely. The community is coming together to support the victims of this tragic event.