Christian Gálvez is experiencing a great personal moment. The communicator turned 44 last Sunday, May 19, and, for the first time, he blew out the candles on the cake with a very special “gift”: his son Luca, which he carried in his arms at all times.

A moment full of emotion of which his wife, journalist Patricia Pardo, did not miss a detail. The host of Let’s See was lucky enough to experience it firsthand, but also to capture it with her camera, so she wanted to share with her followers what that magical moment meant, taking the opportunity to dedicate a tender declaration of love to her husband. .

“Not only has it been a happy birthday for you, but for all of us who love you,” the journalist begins by writing. “Your glassy eyes when you blow on the cake with your child in your arms are already in the archive of my memorable moments,” she says, because for the presenter, there is nothing more magical and unrepeatable than an ephemeral moment loaded with meaning, even more so surrounded by beloved.

“We all knew how to read it and conclude that it is eternal,” she says, adding that she is lucky: “I am lucky to be part of something so beautiful. I love you.” Gálvez was quick to respond to his wife’s words: “How can I be part of it? You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. “Happy is not enough being by your side.”

A tender statement that the communicator wanted to accompany with a carousel of images of the party, organized in the garden of the family home and surrounded by her most loved ones, among whom you can see the presenter’s eldest daughters, Aurora (8 ) and Sofía (5), fruit of her previous marriage to Francisco Márquez.

The publication, as expected, has been filled with “likes” and congratulations from colleagues and friends of the couple, who continue to be successfully involved in various Mediaset projects -Patricia Pardo presenting, Christian Gálvez with his production company at this time- , and that shows how loved they are.

Since their love story was confirmed in 2022, the couple has always tried to give normality to their relationship. A love that they sealed with an intimate civil ceremony in July of that same year and that they did not reveal until a year later, in August 2023, when they also announced that they were expecting their first child.

A baby who arrived as an early Christmas gift and who was named Luca. “We found the LIGHT of the PATH in each other and now you arrive, so desired, to illuminate our paths even more. They were roses. Today they have bloomed. Welcome!” wrote his famous parents after his arrival. Their day-to-day life, as the journalist confirmed shortly after, is like that of “any normal, ordinary family”; but always with desire and enthusiasm.