Nic Nemeth – ‘I Sent Vince McMahon A 20-Page E-Mail About Wanting Out Of WWE’

In a recent revelation on the “Eyes Up Here” podcast, Nic Nemeth, also known as Dolph Ziggler, opened up about his decision to part ways with WWE. The former WWE superstar disclosed that he had reached a breaking point and felt the need to express his desire to leave the company to Vince McMahon himself. Nemeth detailed the moment he sent a lengthy 20-page email to McMahon outlining his reasons for wanting out.

“I get to a point where I go, ‘Hey, now I’m not even coming in, getting an entrance, I’m not even tagging with Bob Roode, I’m not even making something, it’s not even fun when someone pins me.’ I go, ‘Vince, thanks for everything,’ 20-page email, ‘This is the greatest job in the world,’ and then I aired out some dirty laundry about how I was mad just in the last couple of paragraphs, but the rest was very, very positive.”

Following his decision to leave WWE, Nemeth was granted his release in September 2023 after nearly twenty years with the company. Since then, he has made his way to TNA Wrestling and has also competed in various other promotions. Notably, Nemeth currently holds the AAA Mega Championship, a title he secured in April 2024.

This bold move by Nic Nemeth to address his concerns directly to Vince McMahon sheds light on the challenges faced by professional wrestlers in the industry. It also emphasizes the importance of open communication and advocating for one’s own well-being in a competitive environment like WWE.

As Nemeth continues to make waves in the wrestling world post his WWE departure, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the ‘Show Off’ in his new ventures.