New Faces Bring Size and Strength to Lobo Basketball Summer Practice

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Lobo men’s basketball team kicked off their summer practices this week with a new roster of players. Coach Pitino welcomed eight incoming players for the 2024-2025 season, emphasizing the need for added size and strength.

“It’s a totally different team, a totally different feel,” remarked Head Coach Richard Pitino. “I think you will see the look of them, bigger, stronger. Does that mean good or bad? I don’t really know, but day one was great.”

Despite interest from other schools, returning player Donovan Dent chose to stay loyal to UNM and the coaching staff. “Just trusting in Coach Pitino and Coach Chew, they talked to me a lot this offseason because there were some teams that wanted me, but staying loyal to where I committed the first time and my family is big on loyalty,” Dent said. “So we just kind of stayed true to what we do.”

The new roster includes a mix of graduate guards, sophomore forwards, and freshman centers, bringing a diverse range of heights to the team. Some notable additions are Atiki Ally Atiki at 6’10, Mustapha Amzil at 6’9, and Nelly Jr. Joseph at 6’10, adding significant size to the lineup.

As the team continues to prepare for the upcoming season, the mix of new faces and returning players promises an exciting and competitive season for Lobo basketball fans.

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