Marina de Empresas grows, but not where expected and yes, in Valencia. The entrepreneurship hub created by the Valencian businessman Juan Roig in the Marina of Valencia will add a new headquarters on the maritime strip, although it will do so far from Shed number 4, where it was initially planned. The administrative “times” do not accompany the needs of the company, which announces today that it has acquired a new site next to the Atarazanas where its new headquarters will be located due to “the probable delay in its completion deadlines, thanking the Valencia City Council for its predisposition throughout the process”.

The new four-story building will have 9,000 square meters of useful area and will have the capacity to accommodate 730 workers. Marina de Empresas did not want to separate itself from the maritime area, and has looked for an alternative, recognizing that its objective is “to continue in this space once the new legal framework is articulated.” For this reason, Marina de Empresas points out that, together with the Valencia City Council, they will continue working together to analyze “future expansions in the Valencia Marina.”

This Tuesday’s announcement resolves the controversy generated a few months ago, when the unrest was evident in the leadership of Marina de Empresas due to the difficulties of the City Council, then in the hands of Compromís and PSPV, to expand Marina de Empresas. The final touch came after the visit of directors of Roig’s team to Barcelona where, as this newspaper already explained, they were offered very advantageous conditions and all possible facilities such as 25-year concessions in already renovated spaces and without the need for prior investment. .

Even at that moment Alicante entered the conversation, offering itself as the headquarters for Juan Roig’s entrepreneurial project. As La Vanguardia reported, the Alicante City Council offered them to move to the city of Alicante “given the difficulties of expanding in Valencia and the risk that they could leave the Valencian Community towards Barcelona”, according to the mayor, Luis Barcala.

Specifically, the site where the building will be erected is located between Vicente Brull and San Pascual streets and Conde de Pestagua square. The building project is being carried out by the Valencian studio ERRE Arquitectura and the processing of the work will begin this October with the expectation that it will be completed in 2025, with a total planned investment of around 20 million euros.

The future building, which will be characterized by “its innovative and highly industrialized construction system”, they point out, will allow Marina de Empresas to expand its space, meeting the expansion needs of its three initiatives and with its determination to be “a city project with international vocation”. Since 2015, Juan Roig has invested more than 100 million euros in Marina de Empresas.