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I have been able to fill the basket with edible Chlorophyllum mushrooms after the last rains in May, as can be seen in these images in La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos.

It has been thanks to the latest rainfall, which has meant that the first mushrooms of the season have already begun to appear, in this case, in Vilanova de Sau, in the Osona region.

Chlorophyllum is a genus of large agarical mushrooms. This mushroom shares many characteristics with the Lepiota mushroom genus but lacks the white spores.

The genus Chlorophyllum contains 16 species. Some are edible, like the ones I collected in Vilanova de Sau, but you have to be careful because there are others that are poisonous.

The rains are being a boost for the landscape and for the growth of mushrooms, in addition to having been beneficial for increasing water reserves in the swamps and for irrigating crop fields.