Since we were little, we have seen and heard about mandalas. We have colored, drawn and even painted them, but we really do not know why this small pleasure that coloring them gives us.

Mandalas are drawings with geometric figures, usually with a circular structure. In oriental cultures, the first designs of the use of mandalas were aimed at the cessation of thought and mind, thus aspiring to achieve a meditative state as much as possible. Today, mandalas are present everywhere, we can see them both on building facades, tattoos and rings, among many other things, and with patterns of animals, flowers and circles.

They have multiple functions that can favor both our physical and psychological, mental and emotional aspects. It provides us with an emotional balance, helps us to maintain a state of concentration and, above all, to reduce stress. The latter is widely used as an anti-stress technique to disconnect, relax and evade the mind.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we offer you the best mandala books so you can relieve stress, have fun coloring them and relax.

This book features 150 coloring mandalas that have been designed and selected to ensure many hours of relaxation and stress relief.

Inside you will find an infinite number of designs of varying complexity with a format of 21.59 x 27.94 cm. Additionally, each page is dedicated to a specific animal and is separated by a black back page to minimize color spillage.

You can download and print the designs that you like the most to take them anywhere. Take the time you need to do them and enjoy essential time without any pressure or stress.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety and need a moment of relaxation to disconnect, this is the perfect book for you. Its size is 20.32 x 25.4 cm and inside you will find one hundred pages of animals of various species (one animal per page) such as lions, giraffes, birds and fish designed with mandala patterns.

In addition, this book comes with a download code that offers you a digital copy in PDF from the book’s website, so you can see the mandalas that you like the most, print and color them whenever and wherever you want.

Each model is different and you can color according to your preferences and the design that stimulates you the most. With this wide variety of mandalas you will be able to escape stress and streamline your mind. Buy it now and put a balance in your day!

Here you will find 50 necessary designs to reduce stress and disconnect from everyday life after a day full of emotions.

All the mandalas in this book are original, since they are drawn by hand. Coloring these types of drawings provide a high-level relaxation, which allows you to get away from any problem for a moment and enter a world full of colors.

Only you can turn these mandalas into a work of art, choosing the colored pencils, markers or watercolors you prefer and placing them in the areas you choose. This book is soft cover and its dimensions are 21.59 x 27.94 cm.

Are you a lover of mandalas? With this batch of three books you can color the mandalas you want and its anti-stress technique will make you put stress aside and activate your creativity on the other.

Each page of the notebooks is drawn and designed by artists from around the world so you can express yourself however you want and in endless ways. You will find 120 varied drawings with art-therapy that will allow you greater concentration where you will bring out your senses.

Enjoy its high quality with its perfect surface for colored pencils, markers, watercolors and crayons. Each sheet can be removed thus allowing the opportunity to frame or give the mandala as a gift. Have fun coloring these beautiful mandalas with your family and friends!

With this book of mandalas you will experience conscious meditation and you will feel like new. Thanks to its 30 drawings with harmonious designs, you will find peace, tranquility and balance.

Done on a white background, each drawing invites you to contemplate and use your imagination to create dynamic designs that bring out the potential of your creativity. You will be able to relax your mind when you are coloring and you will also be able to let yourself be carried away by your senses.

The format of the book is 21.5 x 28 cm and has black tones on the back of the pages to prevent the image from passing through the paper.

This Alpino pack allows you to color mandalas the way you like best. It has 24 erasable colored pencils with rubber, 24 markers and 12 crayons. You can choose the model and color that you like best depending on your design and your preferences.

In addition, you have different shades to make a much more creative and original mandala. Its good quality offers ease of sharpening the pencils and a long durability of the ink of the markers.

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