The French president, Emmanuel Macron, reacted on Thursday afternoon with a humorous tone to the memes that filled the internet after his meeting in Brazil with his Brazilian counterpart, Lula da Silva, mocking the complicity shown between the two.

“Some have compared the images of my visit to Brazil with those of a wedding, I tell you: it was a wedding! France loves Brazil and Brazil loves France!” wrote the French president on the social network the night.

It accompanied the publication in two languages ​​of a screenshot of a photomontage that replaces Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling on the poster for the romantic film Lalaland with the two heads of state walking hand in hand in the Amazon jungle.

The Brazilian president responded to the publication with an emoji that represents the two flags and little hearts.

Macron takes advantage of the message to outline the ties that unite France and Brazil and highlights that Lula’s re-election as president “and the way in which he restored institutional balances mean a lot to us.” “We share values ​​that are at the center of our common history. This is a new page in our relationship that we have just opened. Long live the friendship between Brazil and France!”, he concludes.

On a three-day official visit to Brazil, Emmanuel Macron traveled to Belém (north) on Tuesday, where he met with Lula in the heart of the Amazon jungle. The two men showed their closeness with many smiles and warm gestures.

Several of these images, most published on Lula’s official accounts on social networks, were widely disseminated on the Internet, with montages or humorous comments.

In one of them, for example, we can see the two presidents walking hand in hand, all smiling. In a montage by a netizen, the image veers toward a poster for the romantic drama Call Me By Your Name.

“They are going to get married in the Amazon and have their honeymoon in Paris,” joked an X user, while many others thought that with these photos they could make a “wedding album.”

Emmanuel Macron’s first official visit to Brazil continued in Sao Paulo and then in Brasilia.

The closeness shown by the two leaders contrasts with the cold relations between Macron and the former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022).

In the midst of the crisis over the Amazon fires in 2019, Bolsonaro and his ministers made insulting comments towards the French president and his wife Brigitte Macron.