Let Us Monitor and Ensure Impartial Vote Counting, Say Civil Society Representatives

Several representatives of civil society organisations recently gathered in Bengaluru and Delhi to discuss the conduct of the Lok Sabha elections and have vowed to prevent any malpractices or manipulations during the counting of votes. The group emphasized the importance of ensuring an impartial vote counting process to uphold the democratic principles of the country.

During the meetings, the civil society representatives expressed concerns about the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) potentially resorting to despicable means to retain power, including manipulating the counting process or engaging in horse trading. They have taken a strong stand against any fraudulent activities and have committed to preventing any form of malpractice during the transfer of power according to the mandate.

In a press release, the group highlighted their decision to form the Vigilant Voters Task Force (VVTF) in all Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka and across the country. This task force will be responsible for monitoring the vote counting process near polling stations and ensuring that the mandate of the people is implemented without any discrepancies.

The civil society representatives, including prominent figures such as N. Venkatesh, B.T. Lalithanayak, and Tara Rao, have called for the administration to conduct an impartial vote counting process. They have reached out to the returning officers, the President of India, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to ensure that the constitutional process is followed without any interference.

As the country awaits the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the civil society groups are gearing up to take action against any form of electoral malpractice and uphold the integrity of the democratic process. The counting of votes is set to begin on June 4, and the citizens are standing united to safeguard the democratic values of the nation. Let us monitor and ensure impartial vote counting to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process.