Laura Fa is a talk show host for ‘Espejo Público’, on Antena 3. This Monday, the Catalan journalist reported to Susanna Griso’s program the threats she receives from a well-known presenter. Furthermore, Ella Fa had already confessed on her podcast, Mamarazzis, to the harassment of which she is a victim.

“That started a couple of weeks ago, when someone who worked with him called me and asked me to make some public corrections to a joke he had made. (…) They are clear threats to make me rectify an opinion, and I don’t want to,” the collaborator began to say.

“The calls were insistent until, later, another friend of his contacted me to tell me that, where we recorded the podcast, there were often two very bad-looking men who were asking about me and with the intention of attacking me if they found me,” has explained.

The name of Risto Mejide, Laura Escanes’ ex-husband, is what has resonated the most, but the journalist has been forced to deny it: “He is a presenter who is not active now.” She didn’t want to give more details either, because if not, she would immediately know who it was.

The collaborator has clarified that she has already taken legal measures and that she has been advised not to say the name until there is a resolution. “I have filed a complaint attaching the telephone numbers from which I have received all the threats,” she told Laura Fa to RAC1. For now, she is calm, but she hopes that “the pressure will go away.”