Just a few hours ago, more than one depraved person thought that he had won the lottery after finding some images of Rosalía, in which she appeared with her torso uncovered. The reason these images had seen the light, apparently, was the alleged intimate relationship that the Catalan woman had with the Sevillian singer Juan Manuel Cortés Reyes –JC Reyes–, who assured that the artist had sent them to him.

However, everything turned out to be a farce: the images were digitally manipulated by JC Reyes himself, who had shown them to his more than 260,000 followers on Instagram. Some deplorable acts that outraged Rosalía’s followers, but also the singer, who did not hesitate to condemn what the singer had done. At first, the Sevillian took it as a joke, but after thinking about it, he has decided to apologize to Rosalía.

“I am not even remotely a sexual harasser, nor a rapist, as you are putting. I just uploaded the photos without further ado, I did not think that with the followers I have I would go around the world, I did not think that it would be interpreted in this way I uploaded it like a laugh,” the Sevillian singer tried to apologize.

“If she has felt bad, I personally, Rosalía, here directly, in front of the whole world, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. People are also wrong. I am a man and I know when I have to admit my mistakes and when I have to to apologize.”

The apologies come after the story has indeed gone around the world. The artist regrets that the thing has been “taken out of context”, and for this reason he would have wanted to apologize both to the artist and to all those who might have felt offended.

Rosalía herself sent a direct message to the Sevillian, making it clear what she thought of what she had done, describing it as “violence”.

“A woman’s body is not public property, it is not merchandise for your marketing strategy,” Rosalía told her forcefully, after seeing how the photos made the rounds on the Internet. “Those photos were edited and you created a false narrative around when I don’t even know you,” he added, also recalling that “there is something called consent” and hoping that those who laughed at the singer’s grace will one day learn “that you come from a woman, that women are sacred and that we have to be respected”.

We do not know if the Sevillian singer’s apologies will be enough, but what is certain is that this little controversy could end up in court, if Rosalía wanted it, because a crime could have been committed against the right to honor, to privacy personal image and the very image of the Catalan singer.