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Today I would like to show in La Vanguardia Readers’ Photos this image captured in Cardedeu, in the Vallès Oriental region. It is a photograph in which we can observe from a blue sky, passing through a green field and the solitary tree.

For me, what I would like to highlight is precisely this tree, which is in a strategic location. I say this because if we look at the tree we can see the different relief of the fields that surround it.

Another photographic option would be to capture this tree from a higher area, looking north and from a location a little separated from the previous one. In this way, we can portray the tree on one side of the image and the Montseny in the background.

On the other hand, if we look at this tree in summer and towards the east, we can see it with the houses in one of the neighborhoods of Cardedeu. And in winter you can give an artistic touch to the photo with the tree and the snowy Montseny or the morning mists.

In spring, you can photograph it with some green fields, as in this case. In the case of the summer season you can also photograph this tree with a yellow field and with bales of straw.

Without a doubt, this tree provides a lot of photographic opportunities and this makes it one of the most photographed in this area. A few photographers usually capture this tree and share the images of this location in various media, social networks, etc…

Without a doubt, this is a tree from the surroundings of Cardedeu, you will never know how precious, media-worthy and beautiful it is.