With the Parliament elections on May 12 still very much in mind and the post-electoral outcome still open, Junts began its journey in the European contest this Thursday in Barcelona, ​​defending the interests of Catalans in the community institutions and demanding a national recognition for Catalonia as main lines of action and as a claim.

In the final stretch, the post-convergents will once again disconnect the screens from the south of France, as in the last campaign, but this Thursday the candidate, Toni Comín, and former president Carles Puigdemont once again intervened electronically and connected with supporters located in Catalonia it will be in this way in the coming days since events are planned in the Balearic Islands, in the Valencian Community, in Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy.

The party was second in the polls two weeks ago with Puigdemont and now aspires – without the former president as the headliner – to maintain representation in the European Parliament comfortably.

The party shows that it is the only one of “purely Catalan obedience”, since it participates alone, without allying itself with other forces from the rest of Spain, unlike Esquerra. In that sense, Puigdemont called this Thursday for a “vision of the State” in the community debates and opted for “Catalanizing the European portfolios” and having “a Catalan” and independent perspective in everything.

Comín, for his part, promises to bring to the European Parliament the interests of the economic and social actors of Catalonia, such as farmers and fishermen, to have an impact on the Common Agricultural Policy and fishing quotas so that they are defended. the traditional model of artisanal fishing instead of favoring oligopolies; of small and medium-sized businesses; of consumers; and other issues such as the Mediterranean corridor. The fight for the official status of Catalan in Europe will also be present – ​​this Thursday with a tarp deployed –, which for the moment remains in a drawer without prospering despite the efforts of the central government.

In the last legislature, the JxCat MEPs were non-attached. The post-convergents are now waiting to see how the groups are configured after 9-J and decide if they will once again form part of the great European families, as Convergència did before with the liberals.