“Let’s not pay attention to the idiots and the stupid, really. It’s a peak of two friends celebrating something. We are not for bullshit. Me, with everything I’ve been through, more bullshit and more stupid ass no. Let’s pay no attention and Let’s enjoy the good and don’t even tell me things about losers who don’t know how to see the positive. If there are fools, let them continue with their nonsense. There are more fools than windows. Let’s listen to those who are not fools “. Word of Luis Rubiales , president of the RFEF, in statements to Cadena Cope to justify why he planted a stolen kiss on Jenni Hermoso after they won the World Cup with millions of people, boys and girls enjoying the successes that these soccer players – the ones they raised the cup and those that have not been harvested inside but above all outside the field.

A stolen kiss is not always desired. It is not always consented. Let’s not take it for granted that it’s something normal or lawful. It is an aggression. An intrusion when given by someone who has not previously received a signal or prior consent. It is an invasion of personal space that grows even more when we hear the “arguments” of the president of the RFEF justifying such shame with his “me, with everything I’ve been through.”

It happens that the freedoms of every person end when those of another begin. That is why President Rubiales is right about one thing. We are not for bullshit. Not in the year 2023. Not after seeing how the soccer players – those who are and those who are not, we insist – have led a social revolution that demands equality and professionalism for and to do their job, which is to win and enjoy playing soccer. with the conditions that any profession requires – maternity leave, health insurance and a salary, of course.

They are a mirror for many women who want to continue growing in their jobs. A reflection for all those girls who, although they will have to continue fighting against macho attitudes (miracles to Lourdes) will at least have an easier time becoming professional players because now they do have references who have managed to break down the door. They, the players, are also the example for many children. And the reason for reflection of many men who have learned to identify macho behaviors and who now think twice before releasing insults.

Perhaps for this reason, for that example and for being a reflection of the social (r)evolution, the audiences for this World Cup have been sublime. Perhaps that is why on Sunday there were millions of screens throughout the country to see a deserved ascent, worked and fought minute by minute, pulse by pulse. And without him, perhaps that is why it is unfair that, when they manage to win it, these footballers have to see how their moment, their celebration and their history are tarnished by a gesture that is not only unprofessional. It is a lack of respect. A macho gesture and, if I may, prehistoric.

“We are going to listen to those who are not stupid,” insisted the president. Well, all the international press and all the voices that criticize this invasion of Jenni Hermoso’s personal space should also (we) be. “An unpleasant reminder to many of the sexism that has plagued women’s soccer,” says the New York Times chronicle. “The Spaniards celebrated their country’s first victory in the Women’s World Cup on Sunday afternoon by dancing in the streets and sharing their dizzying joy. But a kiss seen around the world ended up being the talk of social media,” she continues. . “He forcibly kissed a player on the mouth. In Spain, no one is aware of a romance between the head of Spanish football and the forward of La Roja,” says L’Équipe. And we could spend the whole day like this.

And Jenni Hermoso? “But what do I do? I didn’t like it huh. Look at me, look at me! ”, The player acknowledged on her social networks when she was first asked about her stolen kiss. Later, before the commotion that was formed, Hermoso tried to remember why they are there. “It was a spontaneous gesture. We are world champions. Let’s not think about it anymore,” the veteran said in various media. She trying to focus on the great sporting feat of many players who started playing on dirt fields and in mixed teams. Enduring those machirulas phrases that discussed her presence just because they were girls. What a no-brainer. Congratulations.

Luckily the world is evolving. Luckily there are many men who would never think of taking those liberties. And also, unfortunately, it remains clear that there is still a long way to go. Let’s be aware of it. And let’s reflect. Why not. We are not for bullshit.