Happy Pride!

Map Rotations, Replays, and More // Dev Updates – VALORANT

Anna and Andy stop by with some VALORANT leadership news, and then hand things over to some members of the dev team for updates on map rotations, balance, skins, and REPLAYS?! We’ll be back with more Dev Updates later this year. May 21, 2024

Update on 2021 Lawsuit Against Riot & Former CEO

Arbitrator overseeing Sharon O’Donnell Vs Riot Games Inc., Et Al. finds all claims in the January 2021 lawsuit against Riot Games and our former CEO, Nicolo Laurent, were unfounded. May 7, 2024

Know Before You Go – 2XKO at EVO Japan

2XKO is coming to EVO Japan 2024, April 27–29. Get details on how to play the demo, our booth schedule, and more. Apr 23, 2024

How to Play 2XKO – EVO Japan 2024

We’re bringing a new demo to EVO Japan 2024, April 27–29. If you’re attending, brush up on basic controls, combos, and tag mechanics with the beginner’s guide below. Apr 23, 2024

MSI 2024 Primer

Learn more about the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational in Chengdu. Apr 22, 2024

Advancing the Esports and Player Experience in MENA

We’ll see League and TFT played at the Esports World Cup, localize League of Legends in Arabic, and launch servers in the Middle East this year. Mar 30, 2024

Devs Spill the Beans: Skarner’s New Lore | Dev Video – LoL

Senior narrative writer Elyse “Riot apothecarie” Lemoine talks about elevating Skarner to new heights, his role within Ixtal, and how he injects a new kind of horror in Runeterra. Mar 29, 2024

Adjusting our LoL Esports Strategy

Sharing our new business model for teams in the LCS, LEC, and LCK designed to create more predictable revenue for teams and a path to long-term sustainability. Mar 14, 2024

2XKO Social Media Wallpaper Kit

Can’t wait to play? Get a little bit closer with 2XKO wallpapers for your desktop, phone, and social media profile. Feb 22, 2024

Bandle Tale – Available Now!

With your unique knitting magic and unflappable spirit, enlist the help of new friends, restore the portals, and reunite Bandle City once more! Feb 21, 2024

Introducing the 2024 VCT Team Capsules // Skin Reveal Trailer – VAL

Make Game Night, Team Night. Rep your favorite VALORANT esports team with the all-new VCT team capsules, featuring a unique gun buddy, spray, player card, and Classic skin, designed in partnership with the VCT 2024 teams. Feb 21, 2024

Happy Year of the Dragon!

The arrival of the Dragon is a cause for big celebrations all over the world. We don’t want to miss the chance to mark this occasion with plenty of goodies on the Rift! Feb 8, 2024

Dragon Lantern – Skin Feature

The Year of the Dragon gave us the perfect occasion to marry cultural significance with some awesome designs for our Dragon Lantern Skin. Here’s a little sneak peek at what that process looked like! Feb 7, 2024

State of the Game 2024

A sit-down with Riot leaders, touching on key points from LoR’s history and giving players a peek at its future. Feb 1, 2024

Dev Update: Patch Cadence, Themes & Exciting Additions

As the new year’s kicking off we want to share some of the exciting things coming your way. Sit down with David Xu, Wild Rift Product Lead, to look back on 2023 and get excited about what the Rift will have to offer in 2024! Feb 1, 2024

Changes at Riot and the Road Ahead

Here’s what these changes mean for our games and what players can expect from us going forward. Jan 22, 2024

Dev Update: One Runeterra & Arcane Season 2

As the new year’s kicking off we want to share some of the exciting things coming your way. Join Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Head of League Studio, for our Wild Rift 2024 outlook on the League ecosystem, Arcane Season 2, and other news! Jan 16, 2024

Introducing the Hall of Legends

Throughout history, we saw players ascend to the highest levels. But now, a new tier is born. Jan 16, 2024

Riot and HP Team Up on New Global Partnership

HP’s industry-leading brands OMEN and HyperX are joining forces with Riot to power esports events and collaborate on future products. Jan 10, 2024

Arcane: Season 2 First Look

A nightmarish augmentation. Brace yourself for Season 2 of Arcane, coming November 2024. Jan 5, 2024

Season 2024 Look Ahead: Champions, Modes, Arcane & More | Dev Video

Riot Brightmoon and Meddler are joined by members of the League team to discuss Ranked, champions, Arcane, champion mastery, modes, anti cheat, skins, and esports in 2024. Including a sneak peek at Arcane season 2, a tease about the new game mode, and a preview of the Season Start 2024 cinematic. Welcome to Season 2024. Jan 5, 2024

The Winners of the 2023 Charity Voting Campaign

84 charities, 28 regions, $4.5M, and 589,000 player votes. Here are the charities players voted to support during the 2023 campaign. Dec 13, 2023

A View to Worlds

A viewer’s guide for LoR Worlds 2023 to assist new viewers navigating the event. Dec 11, 2023

REMIX RUMBLE ft. Steve Aoki (Official Music Video) | Teamfight Tactics

Choncc’s in it for the fun. Pengu’s in it for the fame. Neither is backing down. Yasuo, Yorick, Jhin, and Bard take center stage at the wildest music festival in the Convergence. Meanwhile Gnar, Twitch, Amumu, and more put on a show of their own! This is Remix Rumble. Nov 19, 2023

There’s No Place Like League

Looking back at the highlights of the 2023 season from Season Start through the Worlds Final. Nov 19, 2023

TFT Dev Drop: Remix Rumble I Dev Video – Teamfight Tactics

In TFT’s newest set, you’re the DJ. Field traits like K/DA, HEARTSTEEL, and Pentakill, make powerful Headliners the star of your board, and create your own custom remix. Nov 5, 2023

Dev For a Day: Rusticles

Sit down with Rusticles who collaborated with the whole LoR team to bring to life his design and tell his story through the card game we all love. Nov 3, 2023

HEARTSTEEL – PARANOIA ft. BAEKHYUN, tobi lou, ØZI, and Cal Scruby

Watch the music video for “PARANOIA” by HEARTSTEEL Kayn, Ezreal, Sett, Yone, K’Sante, and Aphelios. Oct 23, 2023

Planting Trees and Taking Drakes at Worlds 2023

We’re putting the Worlds Event Pass to work for reforestation and working with AWS to expand safe water access during Worlds 2023. Oct 19, 2023

Transitioning from Summoner Names to Riot IDs

This updates player name terminology to better reflect the current world of League of Legends, creates more fluidity between Riot games, and streamlines how names work from a tech perspective. Oct 16, 2023

Dev Update: Champs, Lore & More

Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and guests are back with an update on champs, lore, Quickplay, and more. Oct 13, 2023

The Making of Riot’s New Home in Seattle

An expert team of designers who create Riot’s offices have been working on the new office for years. Here’s some insight into their process and how it will impact the Rioters who work there. Oct 12, 2023

Riot Client Game Hubs

Stay connected with relevant content and experiences with new Game Hubs. Oct 9, 2023

Wild Rift Third Year Global Anniversary Celebrations

We’re gearing up for our Global Anniversary and can’t wait to celebrate you! To kick off the festivities, our Power Spike Gallery is now live! Submit your creations to unlock anniversary rewards! Also learn about some of the other festivities and goodies we have in store! Oct 5, 2023

Update on Our CEO Transition

Following our CEO announcement in May, Nicolo Laurent and Dylan Jadeja have worked closely together over the past four months to ensure a smooth leadership transition for Riot. Sep 22, 2023

Worlds 2023 Primer

Learn more about the 2023 League of Legends World Championship in South Korea. Sep 14, 2023

SUNSET // Official Map Trailer – VALORANT

The long road to Los Angeles ends here. See VALORANT’s first foray into this vibrant new map set in Gekko’s stomping grounds. Aug 26, 2023

How We Celebrated Pride 2023 at Riot

From working with community artists to pie-inspired donations, here’s how we celebrated Pride Month in June. Aug 22, 2023

Project L @ Evo 2023 Recap

Why go to Evo? It’s pretty simple: your feedback really is important to us. Aug 9, 2023

Mid-Year Update 2023 | Dev Snapshot – Legends of Runeterra

Game Director Dave Guskin is back with another Dev Snapshot. Watch to learn more about what we’ve seen and heard from you all so far in 2023, and for a look at where LoR is headed. Jul 31, 2023

Arena: Making a New Mode

We’ve got your ringside seats for a behind-the-scenes look at how we made League’s new 2v2v2v2 mode, Arena. Jul 27, 2023

Introducing Duo Play

Tom and Shaun show off duo play and the evolution of Project L, Riot’s upcoming 2D tag fighter. Jul 26, 2023

How Underdogs Made League of Legends History | DRX The Rise

Presented by Red Bull Media House in Partnership with Riot Games. Entering Worlds 2022, nobody expected Deft and DRX to make it past the Play-In stage. However, their past record would not keep the determined LCK team from hoping for victory and enjoying themselves along the way. Join us as we retrace DRX’s journey from underdogs to defeating the game’s greatest teams to become the World Champions of League of Legends Esports. Jul 12, 2023

We’re Taking a Break, BRB

It’s time for our annual summer break. Because sunburns beat burnout any day. Jun 30, 2023

Shipping Xbox Game Pass

A technical look at how Riot’s Player Platform team helped to ship our Xbox Game Pass partnership. Jun 29, 2023

The Tournament Begins: Soul Fighter 2023

Soul Fighter is bringing new modes, champions, stories, and skins to League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra. Jun 26, 2023

Celebrating Pride with the Community

See what’s available in game and hear from seven community artists who created unique art around our IP for Pride Month. Jun 1, 2023

CONV/RGENCE – Available Now!

Run, leap, and slide your way through the streets of Zaun. Encounter champions, face down enemies, and locate never-before-seen sides of the Undercity. May 23, 2023

Background Patching is coming to Riot Client

Keep your games up to date and ready to play when you are, starting with VALORANT and expanding to other games in the future. May 19, 2023

New Emotes for a Discord Birthday Present