The death of María Teresa Campos has been a hard blow for her family, but also for the world of television. The presenter died last Tuesday at the age of 82 at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Hospital, where she had to be admitted for acute respiratory failure.

The collaborator’s mortal remains were transferred to the La Paz funeral home in Tres Cantos (Madrid) where visits from family and friends did not stop to say goodbye. “You have lost one of the great professionals of this country, but we have lost our mother. It has been a very difficult and very long path. Unfortunately, it has been a path of almost a year,” said Terelu Campos.

Although the journalist’s daughters are not having a good time, if there is anyone who has been affected by her death, it has been Gustavo, her driver and close friend since she turned 18. “Very sad, my better half is gone. She is number 1, I think there will never be anyone like her. Nobody stepped on a set like her,” he said on Tuesday.

Now, María Teresa Campos has been cremated in the same funeral home in an intimate ceremony where only the closest family and friends have been able to attend. At the door, Gustavo did not hesitate to speak out again. “I just want to say about her that he has dignified this profession of yours like no one else. She is the most generous woman in the world, with me and with all of you,” he began to relate.

“He never refused a photo or to do anything that could help others. Until the end,” he added. And it is that, in addition, he has not hesitated to praise his role on television. “For her, TV was her world,” she expressed, unable to control that her voice broke at various times.

“The displays of affection are incredible. I want to thank all the people who have come. Because yesterday we saw what she was,” he wanted to make clear. “She was very aware of what the public wanted from her,” she concluded, before entering the funeral home.

But he has not been the only one who has wanted to pronounce during this day. “Today to say the last goodbye. Today is an intimate act. Now rest in peace,” said Belén Rodríguez, after stating that she has been able to sleep very little.

Carmen Borrego, for her part, has assured that they are very “tired”, something that has been noticeable in her broken voice. “We have always known that they loved her very much. It is what she would have wanted, she always treated the press well and the press always treated her well,” she concluded.