Terracing is a practice that is popular throughout the year, whether it is hot or cold. But it is true that, as the good weather arrives, the desire to have something outdoors becomes stronger. Barcelona is the city of terraces: there are them at street level, on top of buildings, in hotels, in bookstores… To find the best ones, in the QF supplement of La Vanguardia we propose some where you can enjoy from a good menu, savor the views or the sunset, share a drink (with and without alcohol) or have a coffee.

In this selection you can find the most gastronomic terraces, such as those of the El Jardin del Alma or Dos Palillos restaurants; the most sought after for their views, such as La Terraza de la Duquesa or the Hotel OHLA Barcelona; those of those who are looking to have a drink in company or finish the last pages of that book they are hooked on while snacking on something at the Laie or La Central bookstore. Terraces facing the sea, in the heart of the city or at the foot of the mountain; at street level, on top of a building or in interior patios. For all plans and for all tastes.