Bob Dylan, 81 years old, a legend, Mr. Tambourine Man, Knockin’ on heaven’s door, Blowin’ in the wind, has just declared his tour in Spain mobile-free. He is not the first to take this step, but hopefully his example will spread once and for all. Van Morrison, Adele, Alicia Keys, Guns N’Roses, Hannah Gadsby… have preceded him on this crusade. No flashes, no filming, and if the staff is not capable of turning off the phone, then they are forced to put it in a case that blocks the signal, and that’s all nonsense.

There are two fundamental reasons why someone goes to a live concert with their phone on. The first: the inability to enjoy something without leaving evidence for posterity. It has more value to say that you were there than to be there. Everything is recorded, everything is broadcast, everything is uploaded. The overwhelming stupidity of our time. The performance has not finished yet, and the video is already up. A bad movie, by the way, of what happened, with inaudible sound and a shaky image.

The second has to do with pride. When someone thinks they are the center of the universe, always in on mode. He never gives up. Let your mobile ring at any time, in the theater, in the cinema… Even in a live show it makes itself felt. One limits oneself to wondering what kind of person despises their neighbor so much as not to realize that holding their cell phone up during a concert, in addition to being a useless gesture, can kill a mythical experience, yours. With so many raised devices filming, you have to settle for seeing the artist through the screen of the idiot in front of you.

If we get fine and with the Intellectual Property law in hand (article 105), it turns out that only the musician has the exclusive right to authorize the fixation of his performances (the recording would be an act of fixation). Being purists, nobody could record. But the dictatorship of posturing devastates all guidelines, especially logic. The paradox is that new technologies facilitate a twist: the artist who allows thousands of fans to film his entire performance –despite limiting the time available to professional cameras– ensures free promotion…on the imbecile social networks, as it matches.