Freshly Cosmetics welcomes Black Friday 2023 with discounts of 30% on all its products and up to a 50% rotating discount depending on the product and day. In addition, you will receive a gift on purchases equal to or greater than €49.

Freshly Cosmetics products take care of your skin and the environment, from moisturizing creams to rejuvenating serums. Plus, they are all made with natural ingredients and innovative formulas.

At El Comprador we have made a selection of the brand’s top products so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get them at the best price.

Much more than a simple treatment, Hyper Concentrate Eye Contour Serum achieves amazing synergy by combining eight natural clinical technologies in a single formula.

This innovative treatment comprehensively addresses the signs of aging in the eye area. Its composition stands out for a high concentration of natural active ingredients, which, when applied simultaneously to the skin, act effectively in reducing dark circles, drooping eyelids, both dynamic and static expression lines, loss of elasticity, bags, inflammation, uneven pigmentation and stains.

Visible results after 14 days of application.

Azelaic Radiance Face Treatment is especially indicated for the treatment of acne, pimples, blackheads, rosacea, couperose, inflammation, redness, shine and blackheads.

This completely natural treatment fuses powerful ingredients to prevent and reduce the signs of acne and reactive skin.

Do you want to achieve a more uniform, smooth and silky textured complexion? Apply it daily and see results in just two weeks!

If you have dull facial skin, an uneven tone or have blackheads, this Blue Radiance Enzymatic exfoliant, with 99% natural ingredients. It will regenerate your skin cells while you rest, thanks to powerful active ingredients such as mandelic acid, white willow bark, and mango and papaya enzymes.

The result is that you will enjoy a brighter, more uniform, smoother face free of blackheads.

Apply before bed and wake up with completely renewed skin!

The Hair Radiance Keratin Spray is not limited to just being a protective and repairing spray; Free of sulfates and silicones, its 6 plant technologies strengthen and restructure the hair fiber from the first application.

Enjoy healthier, stronger, shiny and silky hair. In addition, its natural perfume will captivate you with citrus notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit, along with a special touch of black currant and peach. Super addictive!

Freshly Cosmetics has introduced its latest innovation, Menopause Natural Routine, a line designed specifically to address the needs of skin during menopause.

This launch stands out for its natural approach, free of harmful ingredients and committed to health and well-being. It incorporates carefully selected ingredients to counteract the effects of hormonal aging, offering effective solutions for dryness, lack of firmness and other skin changes associated with this stage of life.

The Pack consists of Genuine Firming Face Cream, for soft and hydrated skin for 24 hours, Genuine Eye Contour Cream, an eye and lip contour cream that reduces dryness and tightness and reduces typical contour and lip wrinkles, the Rich Revival Face Serum that provides deep nutrition, elasticity and softness, and finally the Blossom Intimate Balm, which is a vulvar moisturizing balm.

*Prices updated on November 20, 2023