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This morning, on the Gavà beach, spectacular lightning strikes were seen, as can be seen in this photograph for Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia. And finally the rain came. Dana is already here.

The presence of another DANA (isolated depression at high levels) coming from the interior of the European continent and which is moving towards the Atlantic has forced the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) to activate this Thursday warnings for heavy rains and storms in areas of seven autonomous communities in eastern Spain.

The Aemet prediction indicates that this Thursday it will rain especially in Catalonia and the provinces of Huesca, Castellón and Valencia. This new DANA replaces the one that has struck the entire southeast of the peninsula since last Monday and that has moved away through the Mediterranean.

However, there is a yellow warning -risk for outdoor activities- due to storms and heavy rains of 20 to 30 liters per square meter in Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Girona, Huesca, Lleida and Valencia as a whole.

The temperatures will be normal for the time of year, with ascents in the southern half and decreases in Catalonia, eastern Castilla y León, Navarra, La Rioja, the northern half of Aragon and Castellón.

The hottest capitals could be Badajoz (31 degrees), Córdoba (29) and Cáceres and Zamora (28), while it will soften more in Barcelona, ​​Burgos and Soria (19).