Between national and territorial, Esquerra is preparing more than 200 events for the campaign for the parliamentary elections on May 12. Of all of them, the one that the training organizes in Geneva on Sunday, April 28, stands out. The intention of the Republicans, as explained by the party spokesperson Raquel Sans, is to “claim exile”, since it is in Switzerland where the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, and the party’s deputy have established their residence. Ruben Wagensberg, in addition to some of those investigated for terrorism by Tsunami Democràtic.

Sans has also argued that it is another way of staging “for those who want to show that we are experiencing a process of normality and who talk to us about turning the page, that we do not want to turn the page when we still have companions in exile.”

ERC has chosen as its motto “Next to the people. On the side of Catalonia”, according to Sans, in the face of the proposal of the candidate for the presidency of the PSC, Salvador Illa, “who is presenting himself to be the delegate of the Moncloa, or of Mr. Puigdemont, whose proposal is Puigdemont.”

The first campaign event will be in Barcelona, ​​probably in the Jardinets de Gràcia. The Republicans will hold national events in the four provincial capitals, as well as significant towns, such as Pineda de Mar, where the president of the Generalitat and leader of the ERC list, Pere Aragonès, lives. To tour Catalonia, the party chaired by Oriol Junqueras has budgeted nearly 1,700,000 euros, of which about 620,000 correspond to electoral mailing.

Esquerra presents in Barcelona the tandem of Pere Aragonès and Laura Vilagrà as numbers one and two of the candidacy in Barcelona, ​​with Laia Cañigueral in the first position of the Girona list, Marta Vilalta for Lleida and Raquel Sans for Tarragona.