The PSPV-PSOE, in the opposition of the Valencia Provincial Council together with Compromís and Vox, won a vote this Tuesday in the plenary session of this institution by dividing the vote of the government team formed by PP and Ens Uneix and counting one of its initiatives, a motion in defense of multilingualism in classrooms, with a majority of support.

Specifically, the socialist proposal, presented based on the reform project of the Multilingualism Law announced by the Ministry of Education, has had the yes of the PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Ens Uneix and the rejection of PP and Vox.

The socialist group has specified that this has produced “the first defeat of the PP” in the current mandate, while highlighting that this day the three motions that it has presented to the ordinary plenary session in February have been successful.

In addition to the one promoted to defend the current multilingualism law and reject the reform planned by the current Consell, a motion from the PSPV-PSOE has been carried out for the recovery of the figure of the former vice president of the provincial institution Isidre Escandell Úbeda, shot by the Franco regime in 1940, and another in support of 8M, International Women’s Day, which has been merged with the initiative supported on this issue by the government, socialists and Compromis.

During the plenary session, the president of the provincial corporation, Vicent Mompó, has had to use his casting vote on several occasions to break the tie that has occurred in some votes.

To defend the Multilingualism Law in Valencian classrooms in the face of the reform project announced by the Ministry of Education, the PSPV-PSOE deputy Empar Folgado has assured that this is “a commitment to the future and common sense”, while at the same time requested “respect” for linguistic plurality. c

On the other hand, in the plenary session of the Provincial Council it was approved this Tuesday to request the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility to enable a Cercanías train service “adjusted to the needs of the population of the province” of Valencia “between the 15th and on March 20 coinciding with the celebration of the Fallas” in the Valencian capital and in other locations.

This initiative, presented by the PP, has highlighted “the convenience of establishing special trains with nighttime hours, between 11:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. at least, and with a frequency of 30 minutes per line.”

The ‘popular’ deputy and mayor of Torrent, Amparo Folgado, has indicated that her group’s proposal seeks to “facilitate the connection with the city of Valencia to the areas that are outside the metropolitan area” because it means “enabling the citizens of the province can enjoy festivities that not only mobilize people but are part of the culture and feeling as Valencians.

In the vote on this motion, the president used his casting vote to break the tie that occurred by proposing the incorporation of an opposition amendment and by Ens Uneix abstaining.

Thus, there have been 15 votes against the amendment from PP and Vox and 15 in favor from PSPV and Compromís. Finally, with Mompó’s casting vote, that balance has been broken and the amendment has not prospered.

Finally, the motion presented by the Popular Party has gone ahead with the support of this formation, Ens Uneix and Vox.