Andrew McCarthy recently explained why Molly Ringwald was not included in his documentary “Brats.” The documentary focuses on the famous group of ’80s stars known as the “Brat Pack” and their experiences during their peak fame. While stars like Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Cryer, and McCarthy himself are featured in the film, Ringwald’s absence is noticeable.

McCarthy revealed that Ringwald was approached to participate in the documentary, but she simply said she would think about it and did not further engage with the project. Despite her absence, McCarthy acknowledged that Ringwald had already shared her thoughts on the Brat Pack in archival footage from previous interviews. He expressed regret that he was not able to have a direct conversation with her, noting her articulate and insightful nature.

The documentary follows McCarthy as he reconnects with his former peers, some of whom he had not seen in decades, like Estevez. While stars like Rob Lowe, Sheedy, and Moore share their insights on-screen, the absence of Ringwald and Nelson is notable. McCarthy explained that he would have liked to speak with more people about their experiences in the Brat Pack, but time and financial constraints limited his ability to do so.

In a recent interview with Variety, Ringwald discussed how the Brat Pack label had limited her career opportunities at the time. She expressed frustration that the label was used to dismiss actors when they attempted to transition to more adult roles. Despite this, Ringwald has continued to have a successful career with roles in various TV shows and films, including the Netflix “Kissing Booth” franchise and Ryan Murphy’s projects.

While Ringwald may have moved on from her teenage roles, her impact as a member of the Brat Pack continues to be felt in the entertainment industry. McCarthy’s documentary sheds light on the challenges and successes of the iconic group of ’80s stars, providing viewers with a glimpse into the complexities of Hollywood fame and the lasting legacy of the Brat Pack era.