Joe Biden’s chances of winning the 2024 presidential race are looking slim, according to veteran Democratic strategist James Carville. Despite Biden’s insistence on staying in the race, Carville predicts that mounting pressure from within the party and unfavorable polling numbers will eventually force him to drop out. Carville emphasizes the need for the Democratic Party to move forward and not rely on anointing Vice President Kamala Harris or any other candidate as the presumptive nominee.

Carville criticizes Donald Trump’s hopes that Democrats will make missteps in the nomination process, playing into his narrative of a rigged system. Instead, Carville advocates for a transparent and democratic selection process for the new Democratic ticket. He proposes holding town halls in different regions of the country, facilitated by prominent figures like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, to engage in substantive discussions and choose the most qualified candidates.

This approach, Carville believes, will not only unite the party but also demonstrate a commitment to democracy and winning the presidency. By involving diverse voices and ensuring a fair selection process, Democrats can present a strong and unified front in the upcoming election. Carville’s perspective offers a strategic and inclusive vision for the future of the Democratic Party, emphasizing the importance of dialogue, transparency, and ultimately, victory in the presidential race.