The tragedy – which could have been worse – and the glory. The two sides of bullfighting became visible in just 48 hours. One, on Monday, in the French square of Vic Fezensac (tremendous fuck by Román, the bullfighter with the perennial smile and goring-proof courage); the other, in Las Ventas yesterday Tuesday (Puerta Grande for the bullfighter “Jarocho”, who was presenting him).

And today, in the eleventh of San Isidro, three bullfighters, David Galván, Álvaro Lorenzo and Ángel Téllez, braiding the walk with many dreams yet to be fulfilled, although the two Toledo natives, Lorenzo and Téllez, already know what it means to open the Puerta Grande about the sales.

The bulls, with the iron of El Torero.

David Galván, from San Fernando (Cádiz), has already completed a dozen seasons as a bullfighter and continues in the fight to find his place in the sun.

A bull with impressive masts opened the arena, which said little in the first thirds and Galván, who toasted the public, began to bullfight without hesitation, giving distance. He did it in series with the two pitons trying to temper the bull’s abruptness. He succeeded at times and there was even a certain relaxation in some right hands. Disposition and firmness of the right-handed man from Cádiz who also handled the sword emphatically. They were rewarded for all this with a standing ovation.

Álvaro Lorenzo couldn’t stretch himself with the cape in the first of his lot, who, having just enough strength, charged a little jumpily, but he pushed with his kidneys in his first encounter (the second was a seen and unseen) with the horse, where he was measured the penalty.

Determined, Álvaro Lorenzo went to the media to toast the conclave and gently ran his hand in the first series through the right piton. Temperance in the natives, but the lack of strength of the bull took away the emotion of the whole and the sword ended up ruining it.

The third, first of Ángel Téllez’s batch, weighed almost 600 kg. But his presentation did not please some, who protested with tango claps, and his reserved behavior in the first thirds did not bode well for great things either.

Téllez teamed up with him at the beginning to iron out rough edges and with his feet very settled, enduring stops, he tried to link series to the right and left that had – given the condition of the bull, who never showed dedication – more merit than they recognized.

Following the trend of the previous bulls, the fourth one passed through the capes with its face in the clouds and in clear flight. The same as when going to the horse was also about banderillas (Juan Carlos Rey put two pairs with a pair). A garment, come on.

But David Galván took over and everything changed. Genuflexo bullfighted him with pleasure and command and the “pledge” began to charge. Galván, very inspired, enjoying himself, managed to get very expressive crutches. There were three below that were a monument of dazzling beauty.

Surprising, intense, bullfighting task, crowned with a thrust worthy of the work. She rolled the bull, the emotion on the bullfighter’s face was also that of the public who asked for the ear with great force.

And with it in his hand, David Galván went around the ring, collecting ovations and aware – or not – that this could finally be the beginning of something big, in a professional career with ups and downs and marked by serious mishaps.

Good verónicas from Álvaro Lorenzo in the fifth and also good in the round bullfighting, with temper and low hand, reaching the muleta. Even better with the left, in long and linked runs, well finished with chest passes and all with the bull charging with good class and dedication. The guardians of the essences made themselves known by disfiguring this or that thing, the task went less well and Álvaro Lorenzo took the sword…and stabbed a bull that was undoubtedly the best of the bullfights up to that moment.

And in the drag they applauded him as he deserved.

The most notable thing (sic) of the first thirds in which the bullring closed was that the puya was threaded on the bull’s back at the exit of the punch and with the stick on his back he remained until they managed to tear it off.

A dull bull, even violent, with which Ángel Téllez put as much effort as the show was poor, as the afternoon had already passed. In one of those, the bull did it for him and fortunately everything was frightened. It could have been worse when he wanted to hurry and in his flat shoes he was turned ugly, also avoiding being gored. Bad with the sword.

At 9:25 p.m. the bullfight ended and in everyone’s memory the shocking, surprising, inspired, passionate work of David Galván, who left with applause.