The MEP and head of Alhora’s list, Clara Ponsatí, has announced that she is leaving the “front line” after her candidacy fell far short of entering the Parliament on March 12 with only 13,700 votes and 0. 4%.

“The independence project is in a great crisis, and we have not been able to convince ourselves that in Alhora we have ideas to begin to reverse it. With these results, the future of the project will have to be rethought. And I believe that my role should no longer be on the front line,” he stated through social networks.

This Sunday night, Alhora announced a constituent congress on June 29 with the objective that it will be the party that “will take back the independence movement in the future.”

Ponsatí made this announcement before the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced a very similar decision. Aragonès has decided not to take the act of deputy and to renounce the first political line,