The City Group will have to reduce its participation in Manchester City or Girona so that both teams can compete in the next edition of the Champions League. On June 3, the investment group has to present a plan to UEFA that respects the timeshare law.

To do this, the European body has provided two options to the City Football Group, which owns 100% of the rights of Manchester City and 47% of those of Girona. The investment group must reduce its participation in the Catalan group, from 47% to 30%.

Likewise, UEFA has put another option on the table for the City Group, due to the limited room for maneuver, since they must deliver the plan on June 3. The European body has proposed to the investment group that it transfer all the shares of a club, in this case Girona, to a blind trust supervised by a panel appointed by UEFA, whose administrator can be chosen by the City Group itself.

This technique has already been used this season by Milan and Toulouse, since they both share an investor, RedBird Capital, and they competed in the same European competition, the Europa League.

The City Group must take one of these measures before June 3 to guarantee the presence of its two clubs in the next edition of the Champions League, because, if it does not do so, Girona will not be able to play in the top European competition and will be relegated. to the Europa League.

Furthermore, if UEFA approves the plan presented by the City Group, Manchester City and Girona will not be able to transfer players to each other, permanently or on loan, until September 2025. The Catalan team will also have to make changes to the board. of administration, since there are three directors who are part of both clubs and UEFA does not allow people to make decisions in two different teams that compete in the same competition.