You never know how you will react in the event of an accident. Nor how she would tell it. “Ana and Carmen took me out of the water – which was a red soup around us – I made a tourniquet, asked for water, reported my blood group, Arden called an ambulance. We have never been smarter in life. “I stayed ‘alert, conscious, oriented’ until the operating room.” The story of what happened in the Balearic Islands to the journalist and comedian Nerea Pérez de las Heras is shocking, but how much life there is in the rest of her words. She has lost part of a leg. Now she will celebrate her birthday “twice a year” and a few days ago, in the Instagram post in which she told it, @nereaperezdelasheras wanted to howl for Public Health. Staying alive, she insists, “has been a team project.”

The viral text by Pérez de las Fortalezas, as one of the thousands of responses renamed it, reviews the odyssey to the Mateu Orfila hospital in Menorca, the transfer by plane to Son Espases in Mallorca, six days “very high” in a box of the resuscitation unit, three emergency surgeries and a failed bypass.

“Then they amputated part of my right leg,” wrote the author of Feminismo para torpes and co-host of the podcast Saldremos mejor, along with Inés Hernand. “I was going to come out better this summer. Rested, disconnected, renewed, great… but I had an accident that almost cost me my life”, she said on her return to the microphones on Monday, in the spin off titled We were going to come out better… but, in Hour 25.

He leaves in another post a powerful springboard for conversation: “I had always talked about the dependency and fragility of all people. Now I have to accept my dependency and my fragility”.

She talks about the role of her partner (“Ana hasn’t stopped pulling me out of the water every minute since the 23rd”), her family or her friends: “Seeing them on the move is impressive. They have organized themselves to support me, my affairs, my cats, do my paperwork, transport me in a car, wash my hair, cry. Here they continue. No one leaves this party.”

He also talks about the guy who saved his life with his zodiac, or the lifeguard who took him into her lap or the civil guard who was in charge of helping his partner… About an army of blurry faces and his “instinct.” of indestructible cockroach survival.” He paraphrases Frida Kahlo: “Feet so I love you if I have wings to fly.” How much life is Nerea’s.