The vice president and counselor of Social Services, Equality and Housing, Susana Camarero, confirmed today that public aid will be allocated only to women victims of gender violence, for which she has asked for “seriousness and that no doubts and confusion be generated victims with false stories.” He said this in the emergency meeting he held with representatives of thirty women’s associations regarding the suspicions that had been generated about the possibility of public money being allocated to a foundation for “battered men” registered by a secretary. autonomous region of Vox.

Camarero has conveyed a message of tranquility to the victims of violence against women as well as to the associations that work with them, because as he has pointed out, “they constitute an absolute priority for the Valencian Government chaired by Carlos Mazón.”

The vice president has stressed that “violence against women is a State issue”, which is why she has asked the associations to work “seeking consensus and with clear messages of certainty and security to the victims.” The vice president has insisted that “as has already been said on numerous occasions, fighting this type of violence is a priority,” a fact reflected in the decision to have placed this competence in a department with the rank of Vice President, and has reiterated that “there is a “The red line for the Consell is that violence against women is not touched.”

For Camarero, the commitment of the Valencian Executive “is demonstrated with facts” such as having created a specific Commissioner against violence against women. “But not only this, but this priority has been reflected in the budgets given that the budget for policies aimed at combating this type of violence has increased by 40%,” he assured. Likewise, he has stressed that from his department “we are working tirelessly to provide all resources to the victims, to all female victims who are subjected to any type of violence.”

Camarero also recalled that five million euros are being allocated to the fight against sexual assaults, and “we are going to open a crisis center against this violence in each province of our Community, given the strong increase in this type of crimes.”

In addition, he explained that “we work daily with the centers receiving the victims, we talk to them, we cover their needs and we try to improve their lives day by day, providing comprehensive treatment, from their reception in emergency centers to their departure from the hospital.” cycle of violence, accompanying them all the way, without letting go of their hand and ensuring their socio-labor insertion.”

Likewise, within the framework of the State Pact, the Consell allocates more than twelve million euros to help victims, in addition to awareness and prevention campaigns against violence against women, as well as providing specialized training to all. the agents involved in caring for victims, “since we want coordinated and specialized action to improve care for victims,” he added.

Finally, he highlighted the work that is being carried out in itinerant violet points “so that the fight against this type of violence reaches all corners of the Valencian Community”. The meeting was attended, among others, by representatives of the organizations Alanna, Progressive Women, Coordinadora Feminista Valencia, Clásicas y Modernas, Espai Figa, Stepv, Por ti Mujer, Dones de Picanya, Coeducación, and Separadas y Divorciadas.