Last Thursday, a group of members met to draft a burofax requesting that the telematic assembly of delegate members that is scheduled for next October 21 be held in person as contemplated in the club’s Statutes and they point out that this latest model is allowed “on an exceptional basis” due to the pandemic.

The signatories of the burofax are Josep Lidon, vice president of FCB Monitoring, Quim Molins and Jordi Medina, leaders of a Crit Valent, Ricard Faura, of Dignitat Blaugrana, Jaume Llopis, former member of the Espai Barça commission and partners Lluís Sabatés Porrera, Jaume Barroso and Josep Maria Mir. All of them sign the document dated October 13 in their personal capacity.

They are scheduled to meet next Tuesday the 17th with members of the club’s executive team at the Camp Nou offices. A meeting in which the presence of the economic vice president, Eduard Romeu, and the institutional vice president Elena Fort is also scheduled.

In the wording of the burofax, this group of partners argue that they present the letter “with the purpose that the assembly cannot be challenged by any interested person in addition to trying to foster and promote the democratic values ​​(among others, transparency and participation) that form part of our associative culture”.

They also detail that they do not agree with the telematic exclusivity of the meeting, since this model does not appear in the Statutes and that the exceptional nature of the Llei de l’Esport that includes the holding of telematic meetings was protected by necessary mobility restrictions. during the pandemic already non-existent. In that sense, the requirement presented highlights the need to “celebrate the assembly in a hybrid format, in-person and telematic, to support the participation of all those delegates who, for different reasons, cannot travel and attend the event in person.”

It will be the fourth time that the assembly meets electronically, after those that took place on April 3, June 16 and October 9, 2022. Despite the works at the Spotify Camp Nou, the Table will be established in the Auditori 1899 and the 4,451 delegates summoned to this assembly who want to register, ask questions and cast their vote will have to fill out a participation form on the Barça club’s website.

Accredited persons may ask questions by videoconference, accessing the virtual room, or in writing through a space provided on the website that will open on October 18, at 9:00 a.m., and will close on October 19. , at 7:00 p.m. To vote, they will also do so from the virtual room. Without the defunct Barça TV, the assembly will be televised by the Televisió de Catalunya channel, Esport 3, and its website

The 4,451 delegate members called are the same as in the June and October 2022 assemblies, since they were chosen for two seasons in the draw that took place on June 3, 2022.

The agenda of the assembly includes six points. The report of President Joan Laporta, report and approval, if applicable, of the settlement of the financial year corresponding to the 2022-2023 season, report and approval, if applicable, of the budget of the financial year corresponding to the 2023-2024 season, the ratification of the sponsorship contract with Ambilight TV, a report on the current situation of Espai Barça and the report of the Members’ Trustee, as well as an open session of interventions and proposals from members in accordance with the provisions of article 20.11 of the Club Statutes.

It should be noted that, within the economic report that will be put to a vote to close the financial year of the 22-23 academic year, the club will present, thanks to the activation of the levers, profits of 304 million euros, a historic figure. It is precisely for this reason that the members who have presented the burofax do not share the criteria of the club that argues the need to hold the telematic assembly for savings reasons. The numbers that the board will present also include income of 1,259 million euros while expenses have amounted to 1,165 million. For 2023-24 the club has budgeted income of 859 million and a profit, without levers and with the exodus to Montjuïc of 11 million